Stratos 4: Aerospace Models

The aircraft used in the anime span from the 1950s to the present day. All spacecraft are fictional. Most aircraft are from the Cold War era, retrofitted with modern powerplants, avionics and flight control systems. The anime demonstrates well a hypothetical joint-use of American, European, Soviet and Japanese technologies for the common goal of shooting down meteor debris and protecting the Earth. (Source)his_mecha_01BAC TSR-2MS Shimoji Island’s main interceptor aircraft. Based on the cancelled BAC TSR2.his_mecha_03Yakovlev Yak-28MST is Shimoji Island’s main trainer aircraft for basic flight lessons, navigation training and air show displays.
his_mecha_04SAC-0 “Stratos 0/4”. Prototype of spaceplane, based on the (unbuilt) North American XF-108 Rapier Mach 3 interceptor, with nose design from the XB-70 Valkyrie.

his_mecha_02Mikoyan MiG-31MS Shimoji Island’s new interceptor aircraft. Has increased payload and max speed over the TSR-2MS. Launched from the same TELARs.
his_mecha_08Vickers-Supermarine Type-559MS An experimental interceptor aircraft air-dropped from the YB-60 at medium altitude. Equipped with an ultra-long-range radar, a very advanced flight computer and a simulation missile (“dummy missile”) without warhead. Has two rocket engines. Has poor maneuverability.his_mecha_09Convair YB-60 Converted jet bomber. Carries the Type-559MS experimental aircraft on the starboard wing between the fuselage and inboard starboard engine pod.
his_mecha_05SAC-1B Carries a Trident Missile in the nose, which is launched along with the main body at an incoming comet. The ship’s crew separates from the weapon module in an escape pod (the cockpit, basically), which is used to fly back to the space station.

his_mecha_06Ilyushin Il-SX1 Remote-controlled interceptor drone ship. Was supposedly used to avoid risking human lives in comet interception missions.his_mecha_07Trident Missile The main missile used by the space-based interceptors. Its 3 warheads produce 3 rings of plasma, which intersect and projects a powerful, hot beam at the target comet and pulverizes it into smaller pieces, some of which are then picked up by the Meteor Sweepers if the pieces fall into the Earth’s atmosphere.his_mecha_10
Orbital Station No. 7 Home of the Comet Blasters. Governed by Commander Miharu Ohzara.


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