STRATOS4 “綺麗な夜空”

Moving towards a plan closer to science fiction than Ucronia, you’ll come across some remarkable animations as Stratos 4, Sky Girls and Infinite Stratos. On a technical level, there is a staid ‘Stratos 4’, where the means used by the protagonists are a collection of aerospace assets actually existed and existing, like MiG-31 Foxhound fighter and Yak-28 for training, alongside aircraft ever mass produced, such as the British bomber TSR or the American supersonic bomber XB-70 Valkirye. All means used to destroy the fragments of meteorites in space by a first defensive ring formed by means aerospace really existed or designed. In essence, this pro-‘Soviet’ style anime with narration and screenplay not so trivial, even if left open. Probably in the manga version there is a hereafter, but the anime series ends without end.


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